Samsung Announced New Chromebooks, Threat to Microsoft and Intel

Samsung Announced New Chromebooks, Threat to Microsoft and Intel

Samsung showed it’s urgency to be first in big rollouts again. In CES 2017, the Korean manufacturers announced new Chromebooks. And the market analysts believe, this could be a threat to Microsoft and Intel. Samsung came up with announcement of Chromebook Plus and Pro. The company produced the first Chromebooks in 2011. The Chromebooks triggered the whole lot of PC production since then and every other major PC manufacturer jumped on board. However, the company has been able to remain being the best options.

The 2017’s Chromebook from Samsung has been built from the ground up with Google Play in mind. The Chrome OS will be boosted now by Android apps. It is a beta program though and will roll out for a selected few models.

Chromebook Plus and Pro are the first ones to be geared up with Google Play. Chromebooks are well appreciated for their quality design, high-resolution display and beefy hardware. And the new Chromebooks are going to be even more than that. They rise as potential threats to the devices of Microsoft and Intel.

Samsung is closely observing the market and isn’t in the consensus to push the new Chromebooks as direct competitor to the Surface. According to Alanna Cotton, the vice president of Mobile Computing at Samsung, they are targeting the Chrome OS lover and the ease and simplicity of the system have helped them find wider market. Along with that an addition of active digitizer stylus could help these models to support students and mobile professionals even better. The Chromebook Pro and Plus are way cheaper that Microsoft’s Surface. Moreover, they also have less capable hardware. These are some of the obvious reasons why Samsung isn’t taking on the Surface as direct competitor. Regardless of the features, students and mobile professionals meet their requirements even with the Chromebooks which they could do with Surface. So, Samsung focuses on the company’s target group.

Battle of ARM and x86

Some years back, Apple’s introduction of iPad had shaken the PC manufacturers. And there were many to have told that Microsoft and Intel can now just wait for dooms day. That was a real strong shockwave through the PC ecosystem. But the predicted doom never came to pass. PC’s sales have been affected but not by much. But tablets haven’t roared either. Microsoft and Intel remain strong. So, Samsung’s Chromebooks could be addition of fuel in the fire in the battle of ARM and x86. This supposedly explains, the competition isn’t over yet.

Chromebook Plus or Pro

The Plus and Pro run the same apps. The Plus and Pro have the same 2400 x x1600 display. They have the same ports, same battery, same keyboard, same touchpad, and same stylus. So, you might need to think over when it comes to choosing either of them. The manufacturer admits Chromebook Plus running on ARM will lag the Inter-powered Pro in multi-tasking and certain workloads but the remaining things remain same. Chromebook shouts anything you can do, I can do better” while Plus sings “anything you can do, I can do cheaper.” So, it’s your take: you choose cheaper or better.

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