Dota Auto Chess comes to Mobile – Reserve Now

Dota Auto Chess was just a custom game made inside Dota 2! Now it comes to Mobile Devices i.e. Android and iOS. You can download Dota Auto Chess for both devices by registering on their website. Just recently, the developers hinted that the custom game would be coming to Mobile Devices and Now it’s here.

They actually hinted the users with a “Coming soon” with an interesting image. They have worked really fast and the mobile version of Dota Auto Chess has just been released.

Dota Auto Chess Mobile Coming Soon
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Image credit: Valve Entertainment, Drodo Studio.

Michael Cohen A.K.A TorteDeLini reports via Twitter that the initial Chinese version of the game is already available for players on both Android and iOS. The international version is on its way as well. The official website for the mobile port of Dota Auto Chess is live. The website page is in Chinese, but can be translated in to English – not all part though.

Website Link: Zizouqi

Dota Auto Chess Mobile Website
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By looking at the website contents, we can say that the Dota 2 characters won’t be in the game, but that was a given since theirs copyright and stuff to deal with. New characters can be seen on the website. Although, the game should be exactly like the custom game inside of Dota 2.

Also, You can link your Steam account to the mobile version of Dota Auto Chess to get some freebies like Candy. The offer to get their in-game currency “Candy” seems to be limited in time. These candies were used to buy couriers inside Dota Auto Chess. We still have to wait on the International version.

However, to download the game for Android or iOS, you first have to register on their website. I couldn’t register so I guess I will have to wait for the International version of Dota Auto Chess Mobile.

Update: 16th March
The website has been fully translated into English. You can now register using your Email Address. Registering on the site means you are reserving to download the mobile game for Android or iOS when it comes out. I have registered to the website and bound my steam account to the Auto Chess account. The Reservations are still going on and you can reserve too.

Android Reservation Auto Chess Mobile
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Let us know in the comments whether you are gonna play Dota Auto Chess on your Mobile Devices or not.

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