All Oneplus Devices are now available at Lower Prices

Hey guys, A great news before the Oneplus 3 is fully released is that All the Oneplus Devices are now available for purchase at lower prices. If you like the Oneplus One, X or Two, this would be a great time to purchase the phones since the prices are lowered than before. The price difference is pretty great as you can see the table below.

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Steven G.(who is currently in charge of e-commerce ops at OnePlus) posted a thread in the oneplus forums about the prices of Oneplus Devices getting lower than before. He said that the company’s focus is on providing the best possible smartphone experience for you, and what better way than this? We’re all in this together, after all. So, what’s the best OnePlus device for you? If you’re looking for the smartphone that started it all (but can still keep up with the big boys), the OnePlus One is for you. For a serious technical powerhouse, look no further than the OnePlus 2. Finally, the OnePlus X encapsulates the best parts of our design philosophy, and truly stands on its own as a beautiful, stylish device for every occasion. If you always felt like taking one of the oneplus smartphones for a spin, but never got the chance to, this is the perfect time to find out what OnePlus is all about!

P.S. Just ordered a OnePlus smartphone? Not to worry! Anyone who purchased a OnePlus device within the last 14 days can contact oneplus customer support at to request a refund of the price difference.

Visit Oneplus Site to check out the latest prices and purchase the Oneplus One, X or the Two if you’d like now is the time to buy it or wait for the Oneplus 3.

Source : Oneplus Forums Post by Steve G.

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