Kingston 2 TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT To Become World’s Highest Capacity Flash Drive

Kingston 2 TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT To Become World’s Highest Capacity Flash Drive

Kingston, one of the world’s popular brands for the flash drives is ready to unveil world’s highest capacity flash drive. This February, we shall see Kingston 2 TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT ready to become World’s Highest Capacity Flash Drive. The company has announced this successor to their 1 TB flash drive released in 2013.

With the growing use of internet, cloud-based storage is in trend. People prefer finding secure space over the web to store pictures, files, confidential information and applications. However, flash drives still remain the main go-to portable storage system. And it’s dead simple to use. Size as big as a thumb, very light in weight making you feel as if you have carried nothing have always made flash drives on-the-go handy storage device.

Kingston looks forward to compel the users to continue using the flash drives. The 2 TB flash drive will undoubtedly find its place in the list of huge storage systems primarily occupied by some of the hard drives with biggest storage capacity. And Kingston’s new nifty, thumb-sized addition to the inventory is expected to find eye brows rising. Some of you might not even have this large storage capacity embedded hard drive in your laptop or desktops.

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT Design

The company should certainly take care of the device in all the aspects. They won’t be looking to disappoint the customers with design flaws despite of integration of mesmerizing huge storage capacity. Like the successor, the new DataTraveler Ultimate GT will be enclosed in a zinc-alloy shell casing. This will help the device in terms of shock resistance and improved durability.

Moreover, the design of the DataTraveler Ultimate GT Design bids farewell to some common physical threats. Flash drives are commonly found stopping to function after minor mishaps like accidentally being dropped, flung or crushed inside a student’s materials filled pack bag. And the high-end design of the Kingston’s flash drive won’t be prone to such physical damages.

Kingston is also offering a five-year warranty with purchase of every flash drive so; owners needn’t worry even in the flash drive breaks. In addition to that, you will receive free technical support and reliability associated with the brand.

Pricing and Availability

It will take Kingston a month more to unveil the 2 TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT. The flash drive will be in the market in February. The price is yet to be announced by the company. However, considering the massive storage capacity and fine design, the customer might need to shell out lofty amounts of cash. The flash drive shall be worth shelling out some lofty amount. After all, you will be handy with world’s largest capacity flash drive.

So far as the manufacturers suggest, the world’s largest capacity flash drive will have compatibility with limited operating systems. Windows 7 and up to Windows 10, macOS 10.9 and up, Linux 2.6 and up and Chrome OS will feature compatibility for the DataTraveler Ultimate GT.

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