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Microsoft has entered the laptop industry with its awesome innovation. Microsoft Surface Pro 4  is one of the innovations of the Microsoft. And today lets discuss about it today. If you are willing to buy it, this article might help you know what you are getting inside the box when its shipped.

Firstly, Microsoft sells the tab and the keyboard separately. The keyboard costs around 129$ whereas the tab depends upon the hardware. If you are willing to take the one with 8GB of RAM with 256 GB of SSD on it, it will cost more than a thousand bucks. When you add that up with the keyboard, your total cost estimation should range from 1300-1400 USD. You can go to to find the prices for the products and find out the cost according to the hardware of your requirements.

And now lets talk about the performance of Surface Pro 4. It’s already been a month I have been using it and it is the best product I had ever used. It is very light but works as the desktop. It doesn’t let you feel you are using a tab. It is a laptop which can act as a tab and as a notebook for sure. It comes with the stylus which is awesome. With the one tap on its one end, it takes you to onenote where you can write down your notes. It depends on how you customize your stylus. I have customized it in a way that with a tap on its end, it takes me to OneNote and with a double tap it takes a screen shot. It is such a handful device and it is sure that it will remove your notebooks and pen.

Everything in surface pro is perfect. The display of the screen is awesome. The keyboard feels like a normal one rather than the type cover. It is what the most tech guys have been waiting for. Microsoft has done the better job in increasing the size of the touchpad as well which was a bit small on Surface Pro 3.

If you have an I5 with 8gb of RAM, surface pro 4 should do every works you want to do. If you are a guy who wants to graphic designing, its display quality will help you a lot. But if you are willing to play the games on it, it probably might not help you. The games like Asphalt 8 and Moto Comabat might work to some extent but it is not designed fot gaming.

Above all, this is the great innovation of Microsoft and has already taken the market making Apple’s market downfall. Cheers to Microsoft. Cheers to Surface Pro 4 !!

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