Why Arch Linux? (Top Five Reasons)

Arch Linux is one of the most popular Linux operating systems (also known as distributions) around, as are the easier-to-install distros that are based on Arch, such as Manjaro and Antergos.

Why arch linux
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Why Arch Linux is so popular today we’re going to cover the top five reasons to run Arch Linux. Whether you’re thinking of installing each component manually or downloading a pre-built Arch-based desktop. 
So let’s go ahead and get into my top five reasons why Arch Linux.

1. You build your system your self

Arch Linux is unique among the more popular Linux distributions. Ubuntu and Fedora, like Windows and mac OS, come ready to go. In contrast, Arch Linux challenges you to build your PC’s operating system yourself.

  • You choose the components that are installed
  • There isn’t software installed that you don’t need
  • No services running in the background you don’t know about 

2. Pacman is awesome!

Pacman is what you use to install packages in Arch. It’s what APT is to Ubuntu and DNF is to Fedora. Except, unlike those distros, Arch doesn’t go out of its way to provide a graphical alternative to the command line.

  • Pacman is the package manager in Arch Linux
  • Arch doesn’t include GUI forntend to pacman by deafult
  • Less typing in pacman: pacman -Syu

3.  Unrivaled software availability

The Arch User Repository is a collection of software from community members that Arch doesn’t yet provide itself. There’s no need to go out on the internet to git hub or some third party site to download a program source file.  

  • The Arch use a repository (AUR) is amazing!
  • No need to download an app’s source file somewhere and hope you can compile it.
  • If it’s not in the Arch repos, it’s probably in the AUR.
  • With the help or AUR helpers, installing AUR packages is a breeze.

4. The Arch wiki is an incredible resource

One of the strengths of Arch Linux is that it’s a pure community driven project. you have a problem the solution is probably in the wiki. 95% of the time if you have a problem the solution is somewhere in the arch wiki so be sure to read the manual.

  • If you have a problem, the solution is probably in the wiki.
  • So be sure to RTFM.
  • No matter the distro you run, it’s a good idea to have the Arch wiki bookmarked.

5.  Rolling release means no upgrade from one version to another version

Arch Linux is one of the champions of rolling releases. Once you install Arch you don’t have to worry about upgrading it every six months.

With Arch, you are always running the latest package – whether it be the kernel itself or desktop environments like Plasma or Gnome. You don’t have to wait for the distro to make those packages available for you; Arch Linux users will get them as soon as they’re out.

  • No need to upgrade form one version of Arch Linux to next version.
  • You always have access to the very latest software.
  • This can be considered as a negative for some.
  • Rolling release  is less then stable then static release.

Hence, Building your very own Arch Linux OS is pretty awesome. You can install just what you want, when you need it, without the extra stuff that are common with pre-designed Linux distros. That’s why Arch Linux is best. But if going this route is too much of a hassle, I believe some of the distros will come pretty close, being clean, small or focused. Arch Linux is for people who want the stability, secuirty and simplicity.

Here is the link to  install Yaourt to install packages on Arch Linux and install java jdk on Arch Linux.

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