What Went Wrong with Galaxy Note 7: To Be Revealed By The End of January

What Went Wrong with Galaxy Note 7: To Be Revealed By The End of January

Samsung was firing up as the Korean tech giants launched their flagship phablet back in August. The company had huge expectation with Galaxy Note 7 back then. The market started off pretty well with fine reviews of the device. The phablet heated up market quickly. However, the Galaxy Note 7 soon turned thorn in Samsung’s boot. Something unexpected started happening. The gadget that had caught fire in the market started catching fire itself. And the manufacturers are undergoing investigation to find out the reason behind the problem with Samsung Galaxy Note 7. What went wrong with Galaxy Note 7? It still remains a mystery for the consumers. Lots of speculations and blames target the battery of the phablet though. The company did ship new units of battery too. Had batteries been the issues, things would have been resolved by now but it doesn’t appear as if batteries are the real issues. Replacing batteries didn’t help.

Now, the company appears to be preparing to reveal the results of the investigation by the end of January. The results will disclose what went wrong with Galaxy Note 7. But the question arises if the sources are reliable. Samsung hasn’t made any official announcement though. The report came off from JoongAng Ilbo newspaper. The malfunctioning of the hyped phablet Galaxy Note 7 caused the company a heavy loss of $5+ billion. The fiasco forced the company to stop selling the device. Now, the question arises. Is it really the battery or system associated to be blamed? Or, is there something wrong with the Samsung’s design. There are possibilities that Galaxy Note 7’s small body isn’t just capable for enough heat dissipation. Sources suggest that the body is simply too small and there’s not enough room inside of the device for heat dissipation. And this fault could have resulted in explosion of the phones.

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There could be various aspects of the phone to be analyzed. But all the blames are just going to be guesses until the company comes with statement. The company is yet to make official announcement associated with the investigation of Galaxy Note 7 problem. The lay-back of Galaxy Note 7 has certainly disappointed the company as well as huge number of the users. Samsung asked everyone to return the phone for their own safety but still a few users have decided to keep the phone. Samsung, without interest has killed many features of the phone to limit the use of the device. The company is worried about safety of their users. The company is also trying to stop the use of the phone limiting its battery capacity.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was anticipated to be the best smartphone of 2016. Even the company had hopes of escalating their market graphs with the introduction of the phone in the market. But the device ended up being disappointment for users and brought huge loss to the manufacturers. Galaxy Note 7 being one of Samsung’s greatest failures brought nightmare to the company.

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