Snapseed 2.9 update has new editing tools and RAW support for iOS

Snapseed is a professional quality photo editing app developed by Google. It will help you to perfect your photos in a snap. This app brings you the power and control of professional photo editing software. The software still isn’t the best mobile image editor, but we can’t deny that Snapseed’s nifty interface and ease of use is great for light tweaks.

Many Enhancements are added to the app. A brand new Face tool lets the user close in on faces and enrich the quality of skin or eyes. Another new one, called Perspective, can straighten lines to correct for perspective effect in the original image. And White Balance gives fine color balance adjustment using an eye dropper tool. You’ll also now be able to set a JPG compression rate preference and save lossless (PNG) when exporting.

One other highlight of this revision is full support for the RAW format on iOS. You should know that the Android version of Snapseed has had this support since last year. So if you have an iOS device and are a Snapseed user, you’ll now be able to bring your RAW files in (which the app detects automatically) and utilize tools like Details, Brush, Healing, HDR, Text, and the many others in the toolset. RAW tweaks include Structure, Tint, Shadow, Exposure (-4.0 to 4.0 f-stops), and Temperature (1.700°K to over 8.000°K).The 2.9 update of course also takes care of a few UI improvements and bug fixes.

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