How To Recover Photos From a Dead iPhone ?

So here’s the thing. You went to the vacation. Captured some of the amazing and memorable moments of your life in an iPhone Camera and on the way back to home, you get your iPhone crashed or damaged. How frustrating is that? All the memories you had captured during the holidays or the vacation is no more with you in an instant of time. So, here we bring you the ideas to recover the photos from the dead iPhone. Hope you will find it useful. And, leave the comment if it worked for you or not.

If your iPhone was damaged due to water, then the first thing you need to do is wipe with the towel. And, as soon as possible place it in the bag of rice. Rice works as the awesome thing to soak the moisture or the water from the iPhone or any other devices. The most important thing when your phone gets wet is, do not try to turn it on. Electronic devices are more prone to getting damaged in wet conditions. Be patience and let the phone dry.

Second thing you do after your phone gets damaged is to check whether you have synced  your iPhone with iTunes or i Cloud. iCloud will automatically back up your device each day on the condition that you have turned the backup ON in the settings >iCloud >backup. Now, if your iCloud had done the job as mentioned, you shouldn’t need to worry anymore about the loss of photos.

But, what if the backup was not turned on ??? In this case let us introduce you to the tool which might help you in getting your photos back.


 iMyFone D-Back is a lightweight, handy utility that can help you identify and recover lost data from your iOS device.

Here is the link to the app which you can use to get your photos back if one of the given condition applies to you ! Kudos !


Restore iPhone Data No Matter How You Lost Them

Have you accidentally lost your iPhone text messages, photos, contacts, and more? If so, don’t worry. iMyFone D-Back is an efficient iPhone data recovery software to rescue all your lost data under various tough circumstances.

  • Important files deleted or lost by accident.
  • iPhone lost, damaged or broken.
  • iDevices attacked by viruses.
  • iPhone jailbreak, iOS upgrade or factory reset .
  • iPhone locked by forgotten passcode.

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