How to Apply Font Packs using Substratum Theme Engine

This article will teach you how to apply font packs using the Substratum Theme Engine. We all like to customize, theme and personalize our Android devices to our liking. In this article, you will learn how to change the font using the Substratum Theme Engine on your Android Device.

There’s an article on our site on How to apply the substratum themes on your Android using the Substratum Theme Engine. Before you read this article, you should probably check that one out. That article contains lots of information for you to get started on using the Substratum Theme Engine App. Also, it has the necessary answers on whether your device will support the Substratum Theme Engine or not.

How to Apply Font Packs using Substratum Theme Engine App

  1. Download Substratum Theme Engine from the playstore on your Android Phone.
  2. Download any of the Substratum Themes which has fonts included in theme. [Check the description of the theme in playstore]
    For this tutorial, we’ll be using the SubFont Substratum Theme. It contains a lot of fonts in it.
  3. Open the Substratum Theme Engine App on your phone then choose SubFont Theme. Select any one of the font packs you would like in that theme!
  4. After selecting the font that you like, press the tick mark. A new window will appear and asks you to allow or deny substratum to modify system settings. Just allow Substratum to modify system settings.
  5. Go back and press the tick mark again. The toast message ” Font pack is processing ” should appear.
  6. A soft SystemUI reboot will happen quickly and your desired font will be applied. [Please view the below video.]

You have now successfully changed the font of your Android Device. You can see it looks better than stock! If you have any problems regarding this topic, please leave a comment below! We’ll be glad to help you in this matter.

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