Android Pay Released in the UK

Android Pay has been released in the UK – The mobile wallet for Android running phones is opening for business in the UK. It’s first market outside of the U.S. which launched in September 2015 with NFC enabled Android devices running Kitkat 4.4 or later ones.

Android Pay will work anywhere contactless on your bank card does and as an added bonus it bypasses the €30 maximum spend on contactless payments. Some banks have still not signed up, to find out which banks are not updated with the Android Pay. View the table below :

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NFC Terminals, Transport support Android Pay on the tube, overground and busses. Also, launching is Android Pay Day, which will bring special offers each month for the last week before pay day. Starbucks UK and Deliveroo will be just two who are going to provide special offers to Android Pay users. Since Pay can now be used to withdraw cash from ATMs at the bank of America, who knows maybe this will be something that we will be able to see in the UK as well.

Get Android Pay on Google Play Store :

See a introductory video of the Android Pay below :

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