The 5 Best Paid Music Player Apps for Android

In this article, I am going to list down the 5 best paid music player apps for android. Most of the people like to stream music via other streaming apps. Those who like to play local music files, they should certainly buy any of these best paid music player apps listed below. Here are the best paid music player apps currently available, some which you might have heard of.

The 5 Best Paid Music Player Apps for Android


Poweramp has a free 15 days trial before you decide whether you want to purchase it or not. It has 4.4 ratings with over a million reviews. It certainly has everything you will ever need in a music player app.

Current Key Features that this music player has are : 10 band optimized graphical equalizer for all supported formats, presets, custom presets, separate powerful Bass and Treble adjustment, stereo eXpansion, mono mixing, balance, crossfade, fast library scan, scrobbling, tag editor and many more. I certainly recommend this music player to anyone of you!

Download Now : Poweramp (3.99$ for full version)

2. PlayerPro

PlayerPro also has a 10 day trial period if you just want to try it out. It has 4.6 ratings with over 500 thousand reviews. PlayerPro features a beautiful, fast and intuitive interface, alongside powerful audio configuration options. In addition, there is a choice of several FREE plugins to complement it: Skins, DSP Pack, Widget Pack. There are many PlayerPro Skins, DSP Pack, Widget Packs to choose from on the google playstore.

Current Key Features include importing music history and ratings from desktop music players, custom smart playlists, voice search and Google Now integration, and free complementary plugins. Also, It has Sleep Timer with fade out if you like to listen to songs when you’re going to sleep.

Download Now : PlayerPro (4.24$)

3. Neutron

Neutron also has a free 5 days trial evaluation version. At a quick glance, You must think the UI of the App is outdated but still Neutron is one of the best music player apps out there. It has 4.6 ratings with over 11 thousand reviews.

App Description says “Neutron is developed for audiophiles and those who are really in love with music.” That seems about right. Consider using Hi-Fi/Hi-End audio hardware for the best audio results. If you consider yourself as an audiophile, you can not neglect the amazing quality that it has. It also comes with a lot of standard premium features.

Download Now : Neutron (5.99$)

4. n7player

Just like the other apps in this list, n7player has a 10 days free trial version. It has 4.6 rating with over 24 thousand reviews. It has an intuitive and innovative way to browse your music with user friendly interface. You can use your favorite skin, select most suitable widget, install their free music visualizer (BLW), change your lockscreen!

Current Key Features include 10-band equalizer, volume normalization, gapless playback but the main feature is its way of organizing your library. You can also add lyrics to your songs with a free third party add-on.

Download Now : n7player (3.59$)

5. GoneMAD Music Player

Like others, GoneMAD Music Player also had a 14 days free trial version. It has 4.4 ratings with over 9 thousand reviews. If you love customizing and playing with every little detail then this music player app is for you!

GoneMAD has built-in theme builder with over 1000+ themes (both material and holo). Also, It has tons of UI customizations for you to choose. Current Key Features include optimized media library which supports 50 thousand plus songs, custom gesture system, multi-window support, custom actions on queue completion and much more.

Download Now : GoneMAD Music Player (3.99$)

Which Paid Music Player App will you Choose?

For me, its Poweramp. It’s certainly does the work and you only need one music player app for your local files. but Honestly, you can’t wrong with any of the paid music player apps listed above. I’ll also be doing an article on free music player apps for Android.

Let us know which paid music player app you prefer in the comments below.

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